Detroit, Michigan USA

I play a lot of squash, I write songs in my band, I tent-camp off a motorcycle, I take steam and I have a few books that I must write.

These are my Web sites and within them are plenty of stories.

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This is what we came for, really. Twenty years in the making (formed in 1990), a beautifully voiced singer named Asta, three wonderful CDs (a fourth due out soon), and everything you would expect from a rock 'n' roll band that evolved into an orchestral soundscape.

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A Website about a dear old friend named Toots Johnson, who just happened to reside in a Russian bath house, built in 1930 deep inside the city of Detroit. Here, my formative years transpired in heat, where oak leaves slapped my body almost daily as I hung with a Runyonesque crowd borne of the Great Depression.

Click to go  EasyReader Tourguide
EasyReader Tourguide presents essays on Motorcycle Touring, Motorcycle Camping, Motorcycle Philosophy, and motorcycle related subjects. Also includes essays on The Hope Orchestra and Squash. If you're going to cruise through life, enjoy the read!

Click to go  The Sandy Lane Photos
Sandy Lane died at age 36. She was a gorgeous woman, perfect in every way imagineable. Early, one Friday night, on her way home from a fitness center workout, she was struck down by an errant pizza deliver driver who failed to heed a stop sign. These five picturesque pages of her beauty remain, and as she was, they are phenomenal.

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