Gary Sosnick Detroit 2015
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Motorcycle Songs - One's about a trip into the mountains, and the other's about a moonlit ride across the countryside, both performed by my band.

"Among the many songs I've written, two of my favorites are the two motorcycle songs. Years later, I never tire of listening to them because they continue to elicit visual pictures of very exquisite roads as well as the state of mind I experienced while traveling these roads. They are both driven tunes for obvious reasons and they are both a lot of fun to play. . ."  More

Songwriting And Beyond - 10 years ago I formed a band, The Hope Orchestra, with a singer who has a beautiful soprano voice. She is the whole attraction. Fortunately, I wrote some good songs to bring along for the ride! Photo: Junebug Clark

"Every once in a while, I hear a musician boast the following: 'I went home over the weekend and wrote a really great song.' Whenever I come within earshot of such statements, I always mutter to myself, 'That's impossible.' They may have the beginnings of a good composition, but greatness never occurs in so short a time. . ."  More

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