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Seven Latest Essays...

Across The Great Divide - All the finer points of motorcycle touring from sunrise to sunset. Come along for the ride and experience the joy of the open road with two wheels between you and the land below.

"Here in the north woods, spring arrives every year by the end of April. After a seemingly endless dark winter, the sun begins to shine a little more brightly. Daylight appears to last a bit longer helping to melt the upland snows and fill the streams with cold clear running water. The temperatures steadily reach daily highs above freezing. . ."  More

The List - 15 years of motorcycle touring and camping experience presented to you in a single Web page! The List allows you to start enjoying your trip days before you actually leave, without wasting precious partying time worrying about what to pack.

"If you're going to leave town at a moment's notice, then you are going to need The List. For that matter, if you're going to vacation at any time, you will need the same list. To prepare for travel without taking into account anything you have learned previously is dangerous. . ."  More

Motorcycle Songs - One's about a trip into the mountains, and the other's about a moonlit ride across the countryside, both performed by my band.

"Among the many songs I've written, two of my favorites are the two motorcycle songs. Years later, I never tire of listening to them because they continue to elicit visual pictures of very exquisite roads as well as the state of mind I experienced while traveling these roads. They are both driven tunes for obvious reasons and they are both a lot of fun to play. . ."  More

Set Up Camp - As sunset approaches, it's time to get off the motorbike, set up camp, relax, and listen to the softer sounds of nature for the first time today. Give some thought to preparing dinner and gathering your firewood.

"Your day begins at dawn. Hopefully, you're waking up in a motor lodge on the high plains, getting the most out of that last night of a warm bed, waiter-served dinner, clean bathrooms, and sports on TV. At the end of this day, you will be setting up a base camp to use as your home for the next few nights in any one of the many scenic areas this country has to offer. . ."  More

A Room With A View - I spend my touring time thinking about things I like, giving no thought to things I hate. These deep feelings of appreciation mount up daily and make life more rewarding.

"Touring presents many of us with an opportunity to enjoy an environment that can only be described as foreign, regardless of how close to home our travels take us. The beauty of our surroundings is never more evident than when we choose lodging that offers a room with a view. . ."  More

Songwriting And Beyond - 10 years ago I formed a band, The Hope Orchestra, with a singer who has a beautiful soprano voice. She is the whole attraction. Fortunately, I wrote some good songs to bring along for the ride!
Photo: Junebug Clark

"Every once in a while, I hear a musician boast the following: 'I went home over the weekend and wrote a really great song.' Whenever I come within earshot of such statements, I always mutter to myself, 'That's impossible.' They may have the beginnings of a good composition, but greatness never occurs in so short a time. . ."  More

What Is Squash? - If you need and want exercise, then get the biggest bang for your buck with squash. It's simple and easy, and it's included with your health club membership. You do belong to a health club with a squash court, don't you?

"Squash or Squash Racquets (its little used official title) is an indoor court game played in a rectangular room (the court) by two adjacent opponents, each using a racquet to propel a small black rubber ball against a common front wall. The game was first devised and played around 1850 in England. . ."  More


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