Gary Sosnick Detroit 2015
If You're Going to Cruise through Life, Enjoy the Read!


Whitehorse Press - Motorcycling books, maps, and much much more.

Rider Wearhouse - Home of the Aerostich Roadcrafter suit and all points beyond.

Campmor - Anything you'll need for motorcycle camping.

Road Trip USA - Tour the USA with Jamie Jensen. He's been everywhere!

Speed Trap Exchange - Life is too short. Get there sooner rather than later.

James Bay - Want remoteness and silence?

Alaska - Dip your toe in the Beaufort Sea at Prudhoe Bay.

Hocking Hills - Southeast Ohio on the Appalachian Plateau.

Eclipse Tankbag - Sportpack Tankbag is the best tankbag ever.

Sullivan Gloves - Fringed Gauntlets are the only way to tour.

Butler Motorcycle Maps - Yes, you still need a map.

Bungee Cords - Get the color to match at custom lengths.

Brooks Jackets - Mine was brown.

The Hope Orchestra - Official Website of my band. - The story of why I'm always looking for good heat. - What else can I tell you?


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