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If You're Going to Cruise through Life, Enjoy the Read!

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The List - 15 years of touring experience presented for your perusal in a single Web page! The List allows you to start enjoying your trip days before you actually leave, without wasting precious partying time worrying about what to pack.

"If you're going to leave town at a moment's notice, then you are going to need The List. For that matter, if you're going to vacation at any time, you will need the same list. To prepare for travel without taking into account anything you have learned previously is dangerous. . ."  More

Set Up Camp - As sunset approaches, it's time to set up camp, relax, and listen to the softer sounds of nature for the first time today. Give some thought to preparing dinner and gathering your firewood.

"Your day begins at dawn. Hopefully, you're waking up in a motor lodge on the high plains, getting the most out of that last night of a warm bed, waiter-served dinner, clean bathrooms, and sports on TV. At the end of this day, you will be setting up a base camp to use as your home for the next few nights in any one of the many scenic areas this country has to offer. . ."  More

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