The List
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Aerostich Riding Suit Motorcycle Boots Motorcycle Helmet Fleece Jacket
Rubbers Rain Hat Rain Gloves Gaiters
Bath Shoes Baseball Hat Loafers or 2nd pair of shoes Pants (x2) w/belt
Towel Thermal Top Wool Sweater Socks (3)
Boxer Shorts (3) T-shirts (3) Turtleneck Jersey Bathing Suit
Bandanna Neck Warmer Wool Glove Liners Electric Gloves w/wires
Gauntlet Type Riding Gloves Summer Riding Gloves or 2nd pair of gloves Campground Gloves 

Ear Plugs (10) Tank Bag w/cover Sunglasses Wallet
Useful Addresses
and Phone Numbers
Hair Brush Tent w/poles and stakes Sleeping Bag
Air Mattress Tarps (3) Compass Maps and Guidebooks
Pocket Calculator Highlighter Flash Light Tent Light
Key Chain Thermometer Magnifying Glass Swiss Army Knife Camera w/film
Kleenex Pocket Packs (4) Small Garbage Bags w/ties (several) Large Garbage Bags (several) Rope
Pen Razor Blade (2) Shaving Cream Backpack for Day Hikes
Lighter Combination Lock Rags Paper Toweling
Safety Pins Watch Bungie Cords (several) Toothbrush
Note Pad Spare Keys Nail Clipper Finger Nail Brush
Mirror Binoculars Dirty Laundry Bag Umbrella

Liquid Soap Water Sack w/cap Hatchet Fire Starter Sticks
Tylenol (or similar
headache relief)
Silverware Plate Mug
Small Pot Grill Tongs Grill w/cover Tea Bags for your spot of tea
Dental Floss Hiker's Stove Dry Matches Insect Repellent
Tupperware Container Sandwich Bags Toothpaste Snake Bite Kit
Sewing Kit First Aid Kit Isopropyl Alcohol Suntan Lotion

Tool Kit Tire Patch Kit w/CO2 Cartridges Tail Lamp Bulbs Turn Signal Bulb
Air Gauge Owner's Manual Electrical Tape Electrical Wire
Duct Tape Rubber Bands Pocket Volt Meter Fuses
WD40 Spray Lubricant Fuel Line Plugs (2) Front Tire Info - Make, model and size. Rear Tire Info - Make, model and size.
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