By Gary Sosnick 1998

Teachers, critics, all dance the poop.
PDs, DJs throw me for a loop.
I learned my lessons from the MC5,
wasting waiting for that medal to arrive.

I don't care what you think about it.
I don't care what you see in it.
I don't care what you think I need.
I don't care who I look like.
I don't care. Years go by, built on pride.
No I don't care. If we're not wrong, it won't be long.
You don't like it? Then you do it!

Lester Bangs sure did miss the mark.
Left all the others too scared to bark.
You may want just what's been done before.
Same old pitter-patter, oh man what a bore!

Now I'm not keen on hearing all your demands.
Is it so difficult to really understand
that what we do comes to you straight from the heart.
It's showbiz digs that tear this whole thing apart.

The song is basically a complaint. There's nothing easy about songwriting, getting a voice from your instrument, or forming a cohesive band. If it was easy, then everyone would do it and be successful at it.

Notes about Video: Filmed at Southfield, Michigan Cable 15. With Jim Flynn on pennywhistle and Danny Cox on drums.

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