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Sandy Lane

Well, I first met Sandy Lane in high school, unfortunately not mine. She was dating my good friend Ronnie, while his best friend Paul, dated her equally gorgeous best friend Lisa. I got lucky as this was my introduction to suburbia. And what a ticket it was -- fast cars, fine women, poolside parties and nights spent hanging around the Burger King. I was a decent haircut away from being cool, but that wasn't to come until much later. Sandy took a liking to me right from the beginning, I could tell from her constant smile. And this grew into a solid love we shared for more than 20 years, right up until the day she died.

I found her captivating, flirtatious and irresistible -- highly attractive. Not only was Sandy Lane nice to look at, but she was warm and friendly with an inviting personality, so much different than the sarcastic and cynical crowd I emerged from. This was a different world all right, and I couldn't get enough of it or her, all the time though as second fiddle, in deference to my good friend Ronnie who knew Sandy on much better terms. Envious I was.

Sandy Lane was easy to talk to, because for starters, she was just as witty as me. She could take a sentence anywhere she wanted to go, as I hung on every word and gladly went along on any ride. Talking with her was fun. Dancing with her was fun. As a matter of fact, everything with her was fun, her cheerful demeanor lacked any pessimism or ill will. She was the lucky one as she was naturally beautiful, inside and out.

Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane - Hubba! Hubba!

Sandy Lane and Me

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