The Sandy Lane Photos

Sandy Lane '78

Sandy Lane and Ronnie

We left high school behind, and entered our college years. The perceptive ones departed Detroit for the east or west coast as quickly as possible, mostly under the guise of higher education, but absolutely to get away from home and never to return. Sandy and I stayed behind. Sandy became a dental technician, and I puttered away at the local urban college, and eventually landed a job.

Many Thursday nights were spent dancing at The Aorta to Motown and Disco music in an effort to combat our lackluster ambition with as many happy memories as possible. But, our New Year's Eve date at the Vanity Ballroom may have been our finest moment together, as we left behind our mundane existence for an other wordly night on the town. It started early and ended late.

We began with a light dinner at The Sheik, our favorite restaurant, serving very fine Lebanese food and Vouvray, our favorite French wine. Then, back in time we flew, to the swing era of the 30's and 40's. The Vanity was jumping on that cold winter night, and our arrival a few hours before midnight gave us plenty of time to dance wildly to the dynamic beat and blaring horns of the big band sound. Everyone was dressed to the nines, flying across the wooden dance floor, hit after hit. This was where it was at, and we were happening! Every now and then, I would pour vodka from my flask, and Sandy and I would sip a screwdriver.

At the New Year we kissed, danced some more, kissed some more, and sobered up in a cozy cove at a far corner of the ballroom.

By 3 AM we were sitting at The Alcapulco, our favorite Mexican restaurant, sharing a bunch of appetizers to finish off the night. We were fulfilled with food and drink, soaking up the holiday cheer everywhere we went that night. From year to year, we spent many similar nights together, maybe not as festive, but full of joy and happiness, and always atop the solid foundation of a life long attraction.

Sandy Lane and Me

Unknown, Me, Sandy, Jeri Davis

Above: Unknown, Me, Sandy, Jeri Davis
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