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Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane

Asta, the singer in my band, threw a surprise birthday party for me. No one had ever done anything like that for me. Sandy Lane, of course, was there to help me celebrate. It was the last time I saw her. She died a few weeks later, just after the New Year.

I rushed to the hospital that Friday night, and stood there amongst her friends in disbelief. I held her hand, praying madly, trying to summon up every ethereal strength I had to pass along through the fingers of a dying woman. Sandy never came out of her coma. I fell into a chasm of deep loneliness.

I tried to stay in contact with Sandy's brother, who I was introduced to that night at the hospital. Jimmy Lane married a short time later and moved to Connecticut, from where he left no forwarding address or phone number.

In all the years I've known Sandy, I don't believe I ever met her mother. And her father was apparently estranged before I came into her life. And the reckless pizza delivery driver that took Sandy's life? I have no idea what ever happended to him or how the case settled out through the police and the courts.

But, I know that Sandy was cremated, and her ashes eventually lifted into the wind over Lake Superior. I know that often, I think about Sandy every day for weeks at a time. And I know that one day we will meet again. Until then, I have these pictures, the song, and every beautiful memory they elicit.

Sandy Lane, Diane and Heidie

Sandy Lane and Me

Post Card from Sandy Lane

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